When things doesn’t go  as planned we have your back, we have the experience to diagnose and repair hardware and software problems. This is a small list of the many issues we can assist you:

Routine Maintenance – All computers eventually need some sort of maintenance, whether it is updating the software or drivers, eliminating bugs that crop up in the system, or even physically removing dust bunnies from the machine. I can do all of this for you and more.

Computer Startup Repair – If your computer fails to boot, asking you to start in “safe mode” or to run “startup repair”, don\’t panic. These issues can usually be repaired to litte to no impact on your valuable data.

Boot Speed Improvement – Does your computer take ten minutes to start up? Do you press the power button, go get a cup of coffee, and come back to not have it running again? The normal startup time for a Mac or PC is between 45 seconds and two minutes. There is no reason for most computers to take longer than that to boot, and we can save you loads of time by cleaning up your computer\’s startup procedures.

Disk Corruption Repair – Hard drive corruption can be the most frightening and dangerous form of computer problem because it impacts the most irreplacable part of computer: your files and the data that they contain. However, with our experience and tools we can clear the corruption and in most cases restore your files to their previous state.

And much more! Please contact us and let us now about your specific problem to assit you.

Remote/Local Support

Our Remote support service provides quick support to those in need. We can assist you with your networking problems…


Software Installation & Support

With many years of experience with computers we are able to provide excellent support in software…


New/Used Systems for Sale

Buy the right computer from our lineup, dual-core and quad core desktop PCs, servers, workstations systems, notebooks, tablets and more!


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