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When you get your new system we highly recommend using our SILVER SERVICE.  To transfer all your old data from an old system to a new system can sometimes seem too hard.  Well we provide a service that will do this for you making the transition much easier and hassle free.  The Silver Service includes Transfer of Data (Documents, emails, contacts, Photos etc) and the installation/setup of any programs you may have had on your old system that you would like reinstalled on your new one.  This is conditional that you have the software and license codes required.

No system ever leaves our office without all the windows updates and virus protection, even if it is only a free product. Our recommended virus protection is Eset Smart Security (we are a licensed reseller).

REMOTE SUPPORT: Our Remote support service provides quick support to those in need.

To get our support service
1. Ring our office (09) 579 7809 and ensure we are available to provide support.

2. We use Team Viewer and will provide you with instruction on how to get the support program and step you through the process of activating a support session. Also you can download the remote support software from this link:

Rudys Remote Support Software 

3. Once the connection is established we will talk with you and proceed with the help you require.

4. Once the process is completed we will disconnect from your computer and an invoice will be emailed or posted to you.

For full details of the billing structure and terms please contact us by clicking here

LOCAL SUPPORT: If your computer is not working as well as it did when you first got it, maybe it needs a cleanup. We will clean the internal areas of your computer, remove unnecessary files, run a scan for viruses and optimize your system to improve it’s general performance. Upgrade of Hard Drives or RAM, replacement repairs of broken product or components can be done in our office.

Please call us to arrange a time.

Software Installation & Support

With many years of experience with computers we are able to provide excellent support in software…


Repair and Maitenance

When things doesn’t go  as planned we have your back, we have the experience to diagnose and repair hardware and software problems…


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