Is it worthwhile repairing older laptops and PC’s?

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To Repair or Not to Repair….  that is the question

I’m often asked if a laptop or PC is worth repairing. The answer to that is never easy as it depends on the age of the computer and your budget. Also the part that has failed has a large bearing on cost.

If a keyboard has failed on a 2 year old laptop then yes, for approximately a $100 part it is worth repairing. For a 5 or 6 year old laptop then maybe not. First the keyboard may no longer be available, but also it will still be an old slow laptop. That’s where your budget comes in. The old saying “throwing good money after bad” applies. If you don’t have the means to get something new or good 2nd hand then yes repairing is an option.

However, if a major component like a motherboard has failed then you would have to really think carefully. A repair like that could easily cost $500 or more. Even for a 2 year old laptop, that’s a significant figure towards a new device and if the laptop was a budget model to begin with, I would council that it may not be money well spent.

For an older laptop or PC, it would definitely be uneconomic to spend large amounts of cash on repairs.

If you have something that needs repair, I can give you a 5 minute cursory inspection and give you advice for free.

Always remember that your data is lost forever if your hard disk fails, and eventually they all do. We can help you set up a regular backup regime.


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