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Rudy’s tip for spring.

As the weather gets warmer, so will your computer. If it has been a while since your laptop or PC has had a dust out, now is the time. Overheating is a real issue for your system, and if it seems noisier than it was when new, it probably needs our attention. We can give it a service and clean up, inside and out. All for only $95.00


We have many calls from people who have lost their work when typing a document.

A common cause for this is when you go to type a capital “A” and instead of pressing the “Shift” key, the key below “Ctrl” is pressed instead.  In pressing Ctrl and the letter A you are sending a command to your computer to select all text (known as a shortcut key).  So when you type any letter you are replacing all your text.

As soon as you notice this there are a couple of things you can do.

•           The first thing to try is to use the undo option and continue to use this until your original text reappears.  An alternative way to do this is by again using a shortcut key Ctrl + Z (the undo command). Repeat this command until your text reappears.

•           The second thing to try if you are consistently saving your document, is close your document and don’t save your changes. It will take you back to when you last saved your document.  When you reopen your document you will see all your text as at the point of your last save. If neither of these processes work contact us for other options. Do NOT turn your machine off.


I recommend that whenever you are typing a document especially a large document that you save what you have done every 5 to 10 minutes.  This may sound excessive but ask yourself “can I afford to lose 5 or 10 minutes work?”


At Rudy’s PC Services we can help you set up the best solution for your needs.

Call us about anything regarding your computer and we will be glad to advise you and fulfil your requirements.

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